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  • Dental and Vision Insurance in Wheeling, IL and surrounding areas

    Finding the right dental and vision insurance plan for you and your family can be daunting; especially if it is not offered by an employer. At Joan Polec Insurance, we make the process simple through our partnerships with top carriers, and ability to shop for competitive rates on your behalf. We have worked in the insurance industry for many years and have helped individuals get the coverage they need, and businesses get the coverage options necessary to satisfy their employees.

    Dental & Vision Coverage Details

    Dental and vision insurance can to be an afterthought for some. However, there are many common scenarios such as playing a sport or eating popcorn, that can lead to you needing to see a dentist or visit an optometrist. Without the proper coverage, these visits and procedures can become costly.

     Dental and vision insurance can also cover:

    • Annual Preventative Exams
    • Teeth Cleanings
    • Fillings or Root Canals
    • Glasses or Contact Refills
    • Major Procedures
    • And more…

    What you can expect from us

    As a local agency, we are accessible to our clients when they need us. We take the time to meet with every customer whether it be an individual or a business, and help to create a custom insurance plan to fit their needs. Call or contact us to learn more. To get started on a policy, request a quote



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